Tee offs

Tee offs are scheduled at 10-minute intervals. All players must be at their starting points 10 minutes before their tee-off time.


Appropriate golf attire is required for all players on the Tamarina course. Jeans, swimsuits and T-shirts without a collar are not permitted.


As a courtesy to others, players are asked to rake bunkers, tamp down divots and repair any pitch marks on the green before moving on to the next hole.

Golf carts

When driving golf carts, players are asked to stay on the lanes that link tees and greens; to take care when driving on slopes, at intersections and across bridges; and to respect road signs. Only those with a valid drivers’ license are permitted to drive golf carts.


Socks and golf shoes with soft spikes or training shoes are required on the course. Shoes with metal spikes are not permitted.

Priority on the course

Priority on the golf course is determined by the size of the group: 4 balls have priority over 3 balls and 2 balls. This applies to games and not to tournaments or competitions. A single player has no status on the course.


Before taking a stroke or a practice swing, please ensure that other players are well out of range of your club, ball and any stones or other items that might injure them. It is your responsibility to warn players who are potentially at risk from your actions, and ensure that they are out of harm’s way.

Cart rental

Our golf carts can accommodate a maximum of two (2) people and two (2) golf bags. All players must complete and sign a rental agreement when leasing a golf cart.

Pace of play

The course’s marshals control the pace of the game. An 18-hole game must be played in 4 hours / 4 hours 30 minutes; we regret that we cannot accommodate slow games. Players are advised to keep pace with the preceding group. If they are unable to do so, they will need to let other groups play first. If they cannot make up the delay, players risk being expelled from the course.