What if it was in fact the start of a far more rewarding experience… the same way that a simple hashtag can give you access to a wealth of images and a wide variety of information, and connect you to people that you haven’t even met yet. What if this intangible concept were to materialise and become a reality before your very eyes, enabling you to live each moment to the full and to leave again with a head full of happy memories, stories to tell and emotions to share. All of this is within easy reach, in the immediate, with #Tamarina.

#Tamarina moments

#Tamarina invites you to experience and share moments of matchless quality: a drink with your partner as you gaze at the island’s most beautiful sunset, a family safari in a nature reserve, a relaxing visit to the hotel spa or a canyoning experience among friends in a pristine natural setting. And, if you want it to be, the hotel will be your refuge: the place to which you’ll return after a long day on the ocean in the company of dolphins, a round of golf on the 18 hole championship course, or an afternoon of shopping at Cascavelle mall.

#Tamarina Golf Club Mauritius

#Tamarina Golf is a championship 18-hole, par 72 course designed by architect Rodney Wright. It is not only set in a stunning environment, but also offers a fun and challenging test of all golfing skills.

Dolphins at #Tamarina

#Tamarina Hotel is suited right on the edge of Tamarin bay, which is a dolphin sanctuary. Come experience this unique moment, admiring these incredible animals dancing around the lagoon.


Explore the West Coast of Mauritius and all the fascinating activities it offers. Plan your holidays itineraries according to this handy map. Click on the pointers to discover these series of adventures you have yet to discover.


What is the bucket list that will make your holiday in Mauritius unforgettable? Which exceptional moment at #Tamarina do you want to experience? Here is a list of the best moments we have to offer:

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